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Drop-In Fees
Single Class Drop-In $15 (drop-in not allowed to Mysore classes)
Student Rate (in-store only) $10 (full time students age 13-24 with valid, current student ID)
Child 6-12 (in-store only) $5 (ages 6-12 with parent or guardian)
Mat Rental (in-store only) $1 (Our studios also sell inexpensive, quality mats. We have found that many students who buy the el-cheapo mats at chain stores are not satisfied with the quality and throw them away. Our mats start at $21.98 and these are the mats we use ourselves.)






5 - 10 - 20 Class Cards (use for regular classes only - not Mysore)

5 Class Series $70 (2 month expiration)
10 Class Series $125 (4 month expiration)
20 Class Series $220 (6 month expiration)
Note the expiration date on class cards. We will not give extensions. Make sure you can use your card before you make your purchase. Like any form of exercise, the most benefits are obtained from a regular practice of yoga. Regular attendance is more important than any level of ability.




Regular Monthly Class Passes  (use for regular classes only - not Mysore)
Yoga East Membership

Regular Membership applies to all classes except Mysore-Style Ashtanga, which has a separate membership structure. 

Annual: $900 in one payment. Click here to buy.
Recurring debit: $80 monthly. Memberships are a 12 month contract commitment for 12 monthly payments from your credit/debit card. Click here to start

Mysore Membership is required for all students who want to attend Mysore-Style Ashtanga Yoga at the Highlands studio. Mysore membership also covers all other classes at all locations. Members get a 15% discount on workshops and store items.

Go to our Ashtanga Page for more information and other Mysore membership options. 

Yoga East Members get a 10% discount on workshops and store items. Do have questions about your yoga practice? Are you having difficulties with a posture?  Are you having unusual pain or discomfort in a yoga posture? Members can schedule a private session with Laura Spaulding, Yoga East's President, or Susan Reid, Yoga East's Vice-President.  Sessions are included in your membership benefits.  To schedule a session with Laura, phone Perrie Spaulding-Allen at the East End Studio at 502-425-5415, and she will set it up for you. Phone Susan Reid at the St. Matthews Studio at 502-895-1510. Sessions can be scheduled at any Yoga East location. Non-Members rate: $75 per hour. May be shared with another person. 

Corporate Rates
Class Our Studio Your Location
Introductory Class, or Yoga Demonstration (1 Hour) $75 $150
Series of 8 Classes $450 $600
Office Yoga 1 hour -- $75
We can provide specialty classes for back care, prenatal yoga, stress reduction, yoga for the elderly, MS Yoga, meditation and more. Contact Laura Spaulding at 502-585-9642 for more information.
Corporate Rates 12 Month Recurring Debit
For groups of 8 or more employees $72 (10% discount)*
*Not applicable to Mysore-style classes
Intro Offers for New Students

 Intro Offers are for new Yoga East students only. These special offers are only for students who have never used a previous intro membership including Groupon, Living Social, or any other kind of intro membership. 

Intros Offers do not apply to Mysore-style classes. See our Mysore Ashtanga Page for more information about these special classes.

NO REFUNDS, exchanges, credits, pauses or extensions for vacation, illness or any other reason. Make sure you can fully use the membership before you purchase it!

Click the link to purchase the option.
10 Classes (4 month expiration) $45
90 Days for $90 $90
Refunds and Terms

No refunds will be given. Make sure you can use your class option before you make your purchase. We will not grant extensions or pauses for any reason. Students with serious medical conditions attend yoga classes every day. There are very few medical reasons to stop attending classes.
A $50 fee will be charged for returned checks. 

- Minors must be registered by a parent and cannot register online. 
- Only one intro offer per person.
- Attending a free class disqualifies you from other intro offers.  
- Intro offers cannot be repeated or shared.
Getting the Most from Your Classes

As you begin your yoga program, especially if you have not been regularly exercising, you may experience some mild aches or muscle soreness. As yoga returns your body to a healthier postural alignment, muscles are being stretched in unaccustomed ways. Most aches disappear in a few days. Be patient with your body and be persistent with your practice. It is essential to keep practicing and to regularly attend class. You will notice improvement in strength, endurance, muscle tone, and overall fitness level, and a reduction of stress and tension. Take full advantage of your class membership and you will love the results!

• Inform your teacher of any medical condition.
• Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions.
• Pay attention to your body and never force or strain in a pose!
• If you feel pain or discomfort in a pose, stop! Ask the teacher for help.
• Never hold a pose for so long that you cannot come out safely.
• In difficult poses, ask for the teacher’s assistance and go slowly.
• Don’t do any balancing pose if you think you might fall. Use the wall if necessary.
• Be responsible for your body and your practice.
• If you have a lower back condition, bend your knees in forward bends to keep strain off your back. Don’t try to go deeply into forward bending poses.
• Yoga is not competitive. Don’t compare yourself to others.
• Be patient. Work slowly and carefully to obtain the best results.
• Please be on time to class and tell the teacher if you need to leave early.