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Yoga Flow

Heather Cash in King Pigeon PoseYoga Flow are classes which usually have a faster pace and are intended to be more athletic and challenging.  Poses are often connected with sun salutation movements, often using music to set the pace and flow of class.

Flow and Vinyasa evolved from Ashtanga Yoga.  In the original Ashtanga Yoga tradition, classes were not held on Saturdays, but since Saturday is a popular yoga day in the West, Ashtanga teachers like Tim Miller and Larry Schultz created sequences out of Ashtanga Yoga postures to teach for fun on Saturdays.  Those sequences which are called "Sun Salutation C" and "Rocket Yoga" evolved through their students into Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and numerous other styles of yoga.  They all teach the same hatha yoga poses, but in different orders and different paces. 

Ashtanga Yoga Classes at St Matthews (Non-Mysore)
Ashtanga Yoga is the world's oldest yoga system and is the foundation of most forms of yoga that are taught today. There are over 300 postures divided into 4 series: Primary, Intermediate, Advanced A and Advanced B which must be learned progressively. In each series, the postures are connected by sun salutation movements and breathing.  

Ashtanga Yoga classes teach 48 of the most important postures in yoga.  The first half of Primary series includes the main standing and seated asanas, and the second half of Primary series includes arm balances, hip openers, backbends and inversions.  These classes are recommended for students who enjoy a faster-paced class with movement, sun salutations, and more challenging postures. 

You will doing many downward and upward dogs. If you have trouble with your wrists or shoulders, then attend other classes until you build up strength in the arms, shoulders and wrists.