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Why We're Closing the St Matthews Studio

Our lease actually ended last year and we thought about closing the studio then.  We extended the lease for one more year so we could make a decision. The leasing company that manages the building informed us earlier this month that they want to take the building back for their own office.

This is a good decision for Yoga East. The artistic details that made the studio special will be moved to the other studios. The doors are going to Holiday Manor, the bike rack will go to Kentucky Street, and we are exploring how to move the mural. Closing the studio allows us to focus more time, attention and resources on our legacy studios: Kentucky Street and Holiday Manor. These two studios have the strongest student base, highest attendance and greater membership levels. They are also far enough apart from each other so that there is little overlap of students and duplication of classes. 

We are working on the new January schedule. Susan Reid and Catherine Followell are developing the new schedule of classes.
Contact them if you have requests or suggestion about classes. 

Thank you for your support of our classes and our nonprofit mission. We have been serving Louisville since 1974.
Next year will be our 45th year of service to the Greater Louisville Community, and we look forward to our 50th Anniversary in 2024.


Laura Spaulding
President of Yoga East, Inc.

About Yoga East



Yoga East was founded in 1974 by Maja Trigg (1927-2016) and incorporated as a non-profit educational organization in 1978. Yoga East has expanded over the years to multiple locations and more classes and styles of yoga, but our corporate philosophy and mission has remained the same: To make the benefits of yoga available to all in the Greater Louisville community.

Yoga East is a traditional yoga school. We are not a gym or workout facility. We are committed to teaching the authentic yoga tradition, as it has been taught for centuries. 

Our Non-Profit Mission
To make the benefits of yoga available to everyone regardless of age, fitness level or ability to pay class fees.

We fulfill our non-profit mission by offering low-cost Yoga Classes, scholarships and work-study opportunities to many students. We make yoga available to people who might otherwise never have access to its benefits.  The feedback we get from participants in these programs is positive as they begin to experience the uplifting nature of yoga acting in their lives.

Our Board of Directors

Laura Spaulding, President and CEO
Susan Reid, Vice President
Victor Davenport, Treasurer
Kim Eisner, Secretary

Erin Cronin
Victor Davenport
Kim Eisner
Catherine Followell
Anne Kosko
Paul Long

Gail Minotti
Susan Rudy

Karen Strobel
Becky Thompson
Jamie Turner

Mural at St Matthews StudioSt Matthews Studio mural Shiva and Shakti 
Painted by artist and Mysore Ashtanga student, Jean Distler, and assisted by Linda Erzinger.
Dedicated on December 13, 2014.

Sharath Jois Workshop - 2003


Sharath is Director of the K P Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. We were the first yoga shala in the U.S. to host Sharath for a full workshop, in June, 2003.  Sharath taught classes here at Yoga East for two weeks and showed us the correct form for Sanskrit-counted vinyasa for Primary Series. We took Sharath for a cruise on the Belle of Louisville.

Saraswathi Jois Workshop - 2015


Saraswathi Jois (Sharath's mother) is a pioneer in the field of yoga. She was the first woman to graduate from the Sanskrit College of Mysore and the first woman yoga teacher in India to teach men and women yoga students together.  She has been teaching Ashtanga for many decades.  We took Saraswathi and her daughter Sharmila to The Oaks.

Main Studio at Highlands

Ashtanga Workshop at East End

Sound Journey Workshop at St Matthews