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Yoga East Teacher's Page - Information for Our Teachers

This page is for helpful information for our teachers. If there is something you think needs to be added to this page, or if you find inaccurate or out-of-date information let Laura know.

Scheduling Classes

We only have two studios now, and there are limited spots available. We are looking for teachers who are teaching according to the Yoga East Syllabus (see the links on this page), who actively attend classes and workshops, who support our programs, and who are reliable and professional. Being reliable and professional means arriving to class early and prepared; not asking for subs at the last moment; not forgetting your key; knowing how to use MBO (MBO has tutorials); and leaving the studio as you would want to find it.

Yoga East Teacher December Challenge!
Win a Beautiful Amy Mala
General Guidelines on Teaching Classes at Yoga East
Step Forward and Be the Light.
Be a Yogi - Arrive Early!

Our website tells new yoga students to come to class 15-20 minutes early to register. You also need to be there early to greet them. This also gives you time to set up your mat, put on music, light incense, and be relaxed before you begin teaching. If you race in at the last moment, hassled and out of breath, you are not in a good frame of mind to teach yoga. Be early to your class. 

Procedures for All Studios
  • Arrive 20 minutes before your class. New students are told to arrive early, so you need to be there. You need this time to prepare, relax, and get into the proper frame of mind to teach yoga.
  • If you want the fragrance of incense, burn it in the lobby (not the practice rooms) before students arrive so there is no smoke when they walk through the front door.  Many students complain about smoke and scent - our white tea candles are unscented.
  • Teach your students to return props to the shelves neatly.  Blankets should be folded and stacked so the fringe is at the back.  This makes it easier for the next class to pick up a neatly folded blanket.
  • When you leave the studio make sure all candles and incense are put out.  
  • Leave the studio neat; clean up any spills or messes in the practice rooms, cubbies, lobby, on and around the front desk.
  • Check out the bathrooms too, and leave those doors open for air circulation all year long.  Paper products are in the desk cabinets.
  • Please Log out of Mind-Body and Log off of the computer before leaving the studio.
  • Make sure the CLOSED sign on the front door shows the correct NEXT CLASS time.
  • Be a Yogi.  Be aware of how your actions affect others.  Practice Seva.
Leave the Studio the Way You Like to Find It. Be Thoughtful of the Next Class.
  • Lights are off and candles and incense are extinguished;
  • Heat/AC is turned to the appropriate level;
  • Props are neatly put away;
  • Is the studio ready for the next class? Look around to be sure.
Keep the Studio Safe

Don’t Allow Our Computers to Get Hacked! Don’t use our computers to surf the net.

Our computers have been donated to us. Some are only used for accessing MBO and they don’t have anti-viral protection, which would cause them to slow down. Do not use Yoga East computers for surfing the internet, accessing Facebook, or personal matters. If something happens to the computer, we can tell who accessed it. Don’t jeopardize your position at Yoga East by unauthorized use of the computers.

We Can’t Fix It If We Don’t Know About It - Inform the Studio Manager of:

Student injury or illness during class. Report it!
Computer or internet down;
Electrical, heat, AC, or plumbing issues;
Supplies (out of toilet paper or chocolate).

General Guidelines for Mysore Led Classes

All of these things have been mentioned by Sharath in his classes for teachers:

Whenever there is a jump-back to caturanga in Surya Namaskars and out of any asana, say, “Catvari Jump Back”. For example, in Surya Namaskar A, after “Trini Inhale Head Up, Catvari Jump Back”; and from Janu Shirshasana right side, say, “Dasha Up; Ekadasha Catvari Jump Back”.

In Surya Namaskars on Trini, don’t say “inhale lengthen”, say, “Trini Inhale Head Up or Look Up”. Same for Prasarita Padottanasanas, say, “Head Up or Look Up”, not “lengthen”.

After Virabhadrasanas, we are jumping to Pashimattanasana Sapta (5 count); Ashtau, take the big toes. The first position (Sapta) is Paschimattanasana, not called Dandasana.

In the Mysore Led classes, everyone knows what they’re doing.  You don’t have to give the same instructions you would be giving in a Beginning Ashtanga class. You CAN remind students of the drishti or bandhas.  In the Sunday led class, I often give instructions on how to refine, go deeper or correct misalignment, but I’m not giving instructions on how to get into the asana. Everyone knows that already.

When leading a class, learn to lead while walking around and also give adjustments.

Expectations of Yoga East Teachers

Teach Here - Practice Here 

Yoga East teachers are expected to be actively involved in the studio by practicing here and supporting other teachers by attending each other's classes.  This does not mean that you cannot attend classes at other studios, but if you are only attending classes elsewhere, our Board of Directors will certainly question why you are here and whether you should teach here.  We only want teachers who are connected to Yoga East and our tradition and support our mission.  

It's important to maintain a high level of practice in order to teach.  If your personal practice is mediocre, it does not inspire students.  Teaching flows directly from your practice.  

Use of the Studios 

We welcome teachers to use the studios when the space is free to do your own practice or pick up something left behind; phone, mat, etc. Many teachers don’t have yoga space at home, or a rope wall or a whale! However, there must be a few restrictions to our policy:

Make a reservation with the studio manager to make sure the space is not in use.
East End – contact Catherine or Susan.
Kentucky St – contact Laura.
Our liability policy doesn’t allow students to be unattended in the studios, and this means please don’t invite students or friends except for other Yoga East teachers. If you use the studio to give a private lesson, that must be set up with a manager.
Don’t remove anything from the studios including props, CDs, DVDs, books, musical instruments, etc…
Notify the studio manager of anything broken, out of order or anything amiss.

St Matthews Studio
  • Contact Susan Reid @ 502 523 8020 (text, no VM please) and/or email; and with any studio issues or questions.  Thank you all for taking care of this space!
  • The string lights and the 2 lamps on the building out front are on timers.  Please make sure all other lights and stereos are off and thermostats are left at a reasonable, seasonal setting.
  • Disinfect rented mats in the practice room where the student used it, not in the hallway.  See the sign next to the rental mats
  • Put your belongings either on the floor back behind the desk or in the cubbies.  The chairs behind the desk are for people to sit on, not your stuff.
  • If you change one or both thermostats, please return them to a reasonable, seasonal setting when your class is over.  The next class may not need the practice room as warm or cool as yours, and Yoga East can’t afford to cool or heat the studio all day and over night.  Heat: 65-70° / AC: 70-75°.  Really cold weather; 75-80° in main practice room, 70-75° for small room and lobby. 
  • It’s OK to move floor lamps, tissue boxes, etc. but please put them back before you leave the studio. 
  • When there is another class, Yoga East scheduled or private, in the other practice room please be mindful of how you position your students and yourself, how loud you are talking and how loud your music is playing especially during their savasana.
  • The sliding doors can be opened when needed, but please open and close them carefully.  Closed, they should rest on the wood ridges at the baseboards in the large practice room so they don’t swing off track.  Open them after class for better air circulation throughout the building all year long.  Please do not allow students to open and close these doors.
  • Leave alarm OFF during the day - last teacher out at night sets the alarm !
East End-Holiday Manor Studio
Check the men's dressing room before you leave the studio. Men have been locked in the studio twice.  Yes, we want to keep our male students, but it's really not necessary to lock them in.  

In case of emergency (locked out etc) phone or text Laura at 502-585-2070 or text Susan Reid at 502-523-8020.
Highlands-Kentucky Street Studio
  • Lock the door from outside and lock the deadbolt first.  If you lock the bottom lock first, the deadbolt sometimes doesn't lock. Sometimes you have to jiggle the door a bit for the deadbolt to slide in. The door jamb expands and contracts with weather changes.
  • Leave the double doors to the kitchen area at the back of the rope wall studio open when leaving at night. This allows the furnace/AC to work more efficiently.
  • The ceiling fan and rheostat lights are OFF, not just turned down.
  • Thermostat directions are by the thermostats.
  • Make sure the fridge door where the flowers are kept is closed. Laura has found it open more than once, and don't leave cups in the sink. Wash cups and put them away. 
  • It really is not necessary to unplug the CD player, but if you do unplug it, don't leave the cord lying out on the floor, and close the lid to keep dust off the lens. 
MBO Training
All teachers must attend at least one New Teacher Orientation to learn:
  • How to Log-In as a Teacher
  • How to Register a Student
  • How to Sign in Students to Classes and Workshops
  • How to Sell Class Services and Run Credit Cards
  • How to Sell Store Items
  • How to Sell and Redeem Gift Cards
  • How to Assign a Key Tag to a Student
  • Groupon and Intro Offers Policy
  • How to Open and Lock Up
  • Emergency Procedures (student injury or illness, bad weather, power out, fire, terrorism)
  • How to Get a Sub for Your Class
Your Log-ins
Teachers Have Two Log-Ins for MBO

Your Teacher Log-in is only used to check in your classes when you are teaching. If you forget your log-in or password you must email Laura to get it.

Your Student Log-in signs you up for all classes, workshops, trainings, events etc. If you forget this log-in or password, MBO provides instructions to retrieve your user ID or password if you are unable to sign in. 

Do not use your teacher log-in to sign yourself up for anything.

Please sign up for workshops in a timely manner. For Doug Keller's recent workshop, only 10 people were signed up 7 days before he was supposed to teach. We almost cancelled the workshop.  If you are having financial difficulties, contact Laura to tell her your payment arrangements so she can put you on the roster. 

Downloads for Teachers
Ashtanga Chants
Chants taught by Saraswathi and used at KPJAYI

Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa Counting System
Counting system for Primary Series
Ashtanga Sun Salutations Vinyasa
Counting System for Surya Namaskar A & B
Modified version of Primary Series for pregnant women or students with serious impairments. 
Gandhi Hymn
O Dweller In My Heart...
Inversions Handout
Headstand and Shoulderstand Variations
Chakra Yoga sequence based on teachings of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
Long intermediate-advanced yoga practice developed by John Friend from sequences he learned from Iyengar teacher George Purvis.
Sequence of postures for women who are having trouble conceiving.
Chart of mantras for internal and external placement on the body.

Yoga East Syllabus of Postures and Asana Levels
Chart of asanas taught at Yoga East .

Trauma-Informed Yoga

by Kathleen Elsherif
Participant Guidebook
Back to Health Study

© Boston Medical Center - do not redistribute
Teacher Training Manual
Back to Health Study

© Boston Medical Center - do not redistribute
Contracts and Related Forms
Instructions for all forms
1. Download
2. Print
3. Read
4. Sign
5. Keep a copy for yourself
6. Leave a signed copy at the studio.
For independent contractors.
Yoga East Employees and Board Members
For Board members and Employees
Yoga East Interns
New Teacher Training Graduates
Serving a One Year Internship
Yoga East Volunteer Agreement
For volunteers at Yoga East.
For those who offer services at Yoga East
in exchange for classes or teacher training.
KEMI Independent Contractor Questionnaire
This form is required by our Workers Comp carrier if:
(1) you are an independent contractor;
(2) you do not maintain a workers compensation policy on yourself.  
If so, I want you to think about what would happen to you if you slipped on ice in the parking lot or injured yourself teaching or practicing yoga at the studio?  If you have questions about the form, phone Laura.

IRS Form W-4
mployees Withholding Allowance Certificate
IRS Form W-9
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number
and Certification

CYTA Code of Professional Standards
California Yoga Teachers Professional Standards

Yoga East Policy and Procedures 2017
About the Studios and Teaching

CPR First Aid Training
You must get a log-in and password from Laura
Yoga East Member Discounts

Yoga East Membership
rate and discount on workshops

$96: Regular membership 15% ($86 Membership ended May 31, 2018)
$80: Teacher Trainee (actively enrolled in teacher training) 15%
$72: Alumni (certified graduate of teacher training, but not currently teaching a class) 20%
$48: Intern (serving an unpaid one year internship) 20%
$24: Teacher (active teacher on the schedule) 25% 

The $24 Teacher rate is a perk to express our gratitude for maintaining a class on the regular schedule. If you get off the schedule, your rate will change to the Alumni rate.