Information for New Students - Read Before Coming to Class!
Be On Time!

For your safety and security, and to prevent class disruptions, teachers lock the front door when class begins. Don't be late. Turn off your cell phone.  Remove shoes on entering the studio. Leave your shoes on the shoe rack or in the cubbies in the dressing rooms. Some of our students have a sensitivity or allergy to perfumes and we ask students not to wear scents to class.  

What to Wear

Wear exercise clothing such as T-shirts, shorts and stretchy pants that allow freedom of movement.  Do not wear jeans, street clothes, bulky clothes, revealing or see-thru clothes. Yoga is practiced in bare feet - no panty hose, and remember to remove your socks. 

What to Bring

Bring a yoga mat or rent one at the studio for $1. Do not bring other kinds of exercise mats because they will not work for yoga. We sell all kinds of mats starting at $21.98. You can also buy yoga mats at many large department stores or sporting goods stores.

Do Not Bring
  • Any kind of glass or breakable bottle or container.
  • Food, drinks or chewing gum.
  • Any kind of valuables or jewelry. Lock your purse or wallet in the trunk of your car. Do not leave items of value in the dressing rooms.
  • Yoga East is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Water in non-breakable, non-spillable bottles is allowed in classes. All studios sell water for $1. Please recycle your bottles.  
Phone Us at (502) 424-5554 if You Need Help.
New to Yoga? Recommended Classes.
Holiday Manor Studio - Hatha Class
About Our Classes
All Yoga East Classes:

teach Hatha Yoga forms and movements with correct alignment, breathing and safeguards for common injuries and conditions.  Most classes include students at mixed levels and are appropriate for students with little or no yoga experience.  All classes end in deep relaxation. Students with pronounced physical limitations are requested to phone us first about their restrictions before coming to class. Phone Laura Spaulding at the main office during business hours at 502-585-9642. Leave a message if she is out and she will return your call.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle classes are Hatha classes for seniors, pregnant women, and students recovering from illness, injury or surgery, or for anyone who prefers a slower-paced class. Teachers give more instruction on how to use props, chairs and the wall for adaptations. 

Hatha Yoga 1-2

For students in normal health who are new to yoga as well as those who have more experience and are seeking to expand, refine and develop their yoga practice at more subtle levels. Sun Salutations and series of flowing poses are incorporated at this level. All classes end with deep relaxation.

Yoga Flow 1-2

This class is engaging for newer students and those who have been practicing longer. As students' skills and understanding of yoga deepens, the asanas will as well. The class will focus particularly on sun salutations, their purpose and the union of each movement with the breath. Class ends with deep relaxation

Beginning Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a series of postures in vinyasa style. This class begins with 10-15 minutes of sun salutations and continues with the first half of Primary Series - 24 important postures that build skill, strength and flexibility.  This sequence can challenge experienced students and still be accessible for new students.  The teachers show you how to use props and modify difficult postures. This class is not suited for students with wrist or knee issues.

Yoga for Children and Teens

Children ages 6-12 may attend G or Level 1 or 1-2 classes with a parent or legal guardian. 
Teens 13-17 are usually mature enough to attend on their own but must be registered by a parent or legal guardian.

Intermediate-Advanced Postures
Erin Cronin in Ekapada Shirshasana
Susan Reid in Ekapda Urdhva Dhanurasana
Laura Spaulding in Vishvamitrasana
How to Prepare to Attend Intermediate-Advanced Class
This class is appropriate for students who have maintained a Mysore membership for one year and have completed Ashtanga Primary Series.  Non-Ashtanga practitioners can also attend so long as they understand the class format and have appropriate prior yoga experience, have a spirit of adventure and a sense of humor about trying challenging postures. Non-Mysore students need to get clearance from the teacher first.
1. There is minimal instruction, so you need to be well-experienced in yoga;
2. Expect to see students standing up out of a backbend or dropping-back from standing to a backbend;
3. Expect the class to hold headstand and numerous variations for 3-20 minutes (must be able to hold headstand away from a wall);
4. Expect non-stop, fast-paced sun salutations, caturanga dandasanas, downward and upward dogs;
5. Expect to work on leg behind the head poses which require open hips and the ability to do a straight-leg forward fold.
This class is NOT for students with injuries of any kind.

If you are not a Mysore member, call Laura at 585-9642 to get clearance no later than Friday noon before the Saturday class.
To prepare for a class at this level:

Practice hip-openers such as Baddha Konasana, Upavishta konasana, Janu Shirshasana, and Padmasana.

Time yourself in headstand and gradually build up your endurance until you are able to hold a headstand away from a wall for a minimum of three minutes.
Practice pushing up to a backbend from the floor with straight arms for 12 repetitions.
There are no modifications for many postures practiced at this level. Look at B.K.S. Iyengar's book, Light on Yoga, for the postures shown in Course Two. Go on the internet and search for "Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate" to see the postures practiced in the classes.Practice Ashtanga Yoga (full Primary Series)  or Yoga Flow Level 2 until you can easily and proficiently do numerous sun salutations, caturanga dandasana (yoga pushups), full backbends pushing up from the floor, and headstand without using the wall. This process takes most yoga students 2 or more years of intense daily practice.