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Online Registration

To Register Online - Click Here. You will be able to create an account and select the series or membership you want.  New students can create an online profile and register and pay online.  If  you are redeeming a Groupon/Living Social/Amazon Local voucher, see the redemption instructions at the right. 

Students and Children cannot register online. Students must show a valid student ID at the studio and minors must be registered by a parent or legal guardian.

Registration at the Studios

To register at the studio, go to class 15-20 minutes early to register.  Be early!  The teacher cannot stop class to register you if you are late and you will not be allowed to participate if you are not registered.

You are not required to phone ahead. You do not need to make a reservation. You do not need to register in advance (except for Mysore-Style Ashtanga classes. See the Mysore Ashtanga page.)  If you register online prior to class you will save time when you arrive at the studio.

Be on time! Showing up late is disruptive and insensitive toward the other students and the teacher.
Many teachers lock the door after class begins and you will not be allowed in. 

Holiday Manor Studio - Hatha Class
Groupon - Living Social - Amazon Local
Redemption Instructions
Read your voucher for the expiration date
and other rules that apply to your purchase.
We enforce expiration dates.
No extensions are given for any reason.
For new students only!
Limit of one voucher per person.
Redeem your voucher first.
Then you can register for classes.

Redeem and register in person at a class:
Bring your printed voucher or phone app.
Come 15 minutes early. Latecomers are not allowed in class.

Redeem by phone:
phone us your name, phone number & voucher #.

Redeem by email - click here.

Want to Register Online?
You have to redeem your voucher first
to get your promo code.
Got your promo code? Click here to register.

You must bring a VALID voucher with the number and bar code or show the phone app. Please note that we enforce the expiration dates on these special offers and we will not grant extensions if you are late in redeeming. You must redeem your voucher by the expiration date to receive the promo value. If you redeem the voucher after the expiration date, we will give you credit for the amount you paid toward a Yoga East class option of greater value. Read your voucher or go back to the website where you purchased it for the rules that apply or if you need to get a refund because you are not able to use it.

Information for New Students - Please read before coming to your first class!
Class Etiquette

Be on time! Plan to remain for the entire class. Students who arrive late or leave early disrupt the class. Be considerate of the teacher and the other students. Teachers set their own policy on admitting late students to class. Be aware that some teachers lock the door when class begins and latecomers are not allowed. Turn off your cell phone.  Remove shoes on entering the studio. Leave your shoes on the shoe rack or in the cubbies in the dressing rooms. Some of our students have a sensitivity or allergy to perfumes and we ask students not to wear scents to class.  

What to Wear

Wear exercise clothing such as T-shirts, shorts and stretchy pants that allow freedom of movement. Appropriate yoga wear is found in many department stores. Do not wear jeans, street clothes, bulky clothes, revealing or see-thru clothes such as Speedos, thongs, etc... Yoga is practiced in bare feet - no panty hose, and remember to remove your socks.

What to Bring

Bring a yoga mat or rent one at the studio for $1. Do not bring other kinds of exercise mats because they will not work for yoga. We sell all kinds of mats starting at $21.98. You can also buy yoga mats at many large department stores or sporting goods stores.

Do Not Bring
  • Any kind of glass or breakable bottle or container.
  • Food, drinks or chewing gum.
  • Any kind of valuables or jewelry. Lock your purse or wallet in the trunk of your car. Do not leave items of value in the dressing rooms.
  • Yoga East is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Water in unbreakable bottles is allowed in classes except Mysore-style Ashtanga. All studios sell water for $1. Please recycle your bottles. In Mysore class you may drink water before or after class but not during class. 

 New to Yoga? Recommended Classes
  • Gentle Yoga: for students who have not exercised recently, are overweight, recovering from illness or surgery, have chronic injuries.
  • Hatha Yoga: general classes for students in good general health who have never done yoga.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: more challenging class for athletes in good condition, even if you have never done yoga.
  • Mysore-Style Ashtanga is for students at all levels, including new students, older students and out-of-shape students. The ONLY requirement is to attend regularly, at least 2-3 days a week, Monday-Thursday. Regular attendance is more important than any level of ability.